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Ramona Donuts T-Shirt

Ramona Donuts T-Shirt


Life interrupted. Having cancer put my life on hold. I thought after the treatments I would be able to get back to working and moving forward with my life. Little did I know that the time period after treatment would be just as, if not more challenging than when I was in treatment. You are told to go back to regular life, but life is completely different. The support drops away, and yet you are more weak and confused than ever. The body is broken down from the treatments, the immune system still low... fatigue and problems in other parts of the body caused by the surgeries and poisons to get the cancer are a lingering problem. Emotionally you have been through a hugely traumatic experience, something that only really starts processing after the treatment is done. There is little support for this phase. Doctors don't prepare you and don't offer any help. I have been sicker than I have ever been in my life recently with one infection after the next. My body just can't catch up to the full speed of life that is expected of me to be able to go to work every day to pay my bills and take care of my family. I wish there was a recovery period allowed, but sadly life in this country is not set up that way.


If you'd like to help me during this difficult transition to get back on my feet you can purchase some of my creations, get yourself a donut t-shirt, or donate through the PayPal link. Your help means a lot, thank you!

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